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Prescription Drugs

Abortion Pill Reversal

If you have only taken the first dose of the abortion pill, it is not too late to change your mind!



Butler County Pregnancy Care Centers

Are you experiencing an UNEXPECTED PREGNANCY? Click on any of these logos to find resources to support you and your growing baby. These Pregnancy Care Centers can provide help before, during and after birth!         

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On the Couch

Call a Help Line

If you need help or advice, or a listening ear, these help lines are ready and waiting to listen and offer guidance as you navigate your journey

Heart Shape

Adoption Options

Our hope is to make it possible for every family to stay together, but we understand sometimes you and your baby need other options. Adoption is a loving option for those situations! Here are some agencies that can connect you with potential adoptive families.

Holding Hands

Help After Abortion


If abortion has been a part of your story, there is hope and healing for you. Please reach out to the following resources to receive care and guidance.

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Issue 1 Explained

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