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Why is Issue 1 important for  the lives of the unborn?

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, both antilife organizations,  are continuing to push forward the constitutional amendment to enshrine and codify pre-born child killing into Ohio's Constitution during the November 7, 2023 election.

"The proposed amendment would outlaw virtually any restrictions on abortion and all other procedures, including sex-change surgeries, that touch on reproduction, for both adults and minors.  It would cancel out not only parental-consent laws, but also mere parental notification for minors' abortions or sex-change surgeries; strike down health protections for people of all ages who undergo these procedures, including requirements that a qualified physician perform them; and erase any meaningful limits on late-term abortions."
-Carrie Campbell Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network, and Frank J. Scaturro, vice-president of the Judicial Crisis Network

To get a "VOTE NO" yard sign, call 513-777-2792

Want to better understand Issue 1?

Ohio is in a battle for it's very soul with the deceptive and intentionally vague "ISSUE 1".  Its strategy is to amend Ohio's Constitution to permit abortions for any reason up to the moment of birth and take away parents' rights to have a say in the abortion decisions of their minor children.  Don't be deceived by the TV ads and misinformation.  Special interest groups are determined to weave abortion-on-demand into our state's "bill of rights"!!

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